Our dress code and hair requirements provide a “no distraction” environment for both teachers and students.

In ballet classes, solid-color leotards and pink tights allow teachers to clearly observe each student’s alignment. This contributes to technical advancement and minimizes the likelihood of injuries. Furthermore, the uniformity of the group makes it easier for the instructor to notice problems or errors that may contribute to bad habits that could ultimately cause injury. Jewelry should be kept to a minimum. Children may wear small stud earrings but no necklaces, bracelets, or watches. Hair should be secured away from the face in all classes. Girls must secure long hair in a bun in ballet class. Our policy fosters a safe, non-competitive atmosphere and ensures that students will know how to dress for any ballet class they might attend worldwide! 


Dress code for Children’s Ballet Classes

Boys: White t-shirts, black tights or bike shorts, white socks, black full-soled leather ballet shoes. Long hair should be secured away from the face with barrettes or hairpins.

Girls: Solid color leotard, pink ballet tights, full-soled pink leather ballet shoes. Girls may wear solid color wrap skirts in Classical Variations. Long hair should be secured in a bun. Short hair should be secured away from the face with barrettes or hairpins.

Recommended tights: Bloch or Capezio brand pink tights. Bloch Adaptatoe or Capezio transition tights are ideal for dancers who are also taking Pilates or Making Dances, both of which require bare feet.

Recommended shoes: Bloch or Capezio full-soled leather ballet slippers in pink (girls) or black (boys).

Dress Code for Creative Movement

Boys and girls are free to dress as they choose, as long as they wear comfortable (stretchy) clothes they can move in easily and bare feet. Ballet slippers are optional.

Dress Code for Making Dances

Boys and girls should wear comfortable clothes they can move in such as leotards, leggings, t-shirts, camis, sweat pants, dance shorts, etc. and bare feet.

Girls should wear yoga pants or leggings with a camisole top or leotard and bare feet. Boys should wear elastic-waist pants, fitted t-shirt, and bare feet. 

Dress Code for
Modern Technique

Dress Code for Pilates for Young Dancers

Boys and girls should wear comfortable clothes with non-restricting waistbands and bare feet.


Dress Code for The Dancer's Workout®

Participants should wear work-out clothes with jazz shoes or dance sneakers.


Dance attire can be purchased locally at Dancestyle Dancewear in Athens.


Studio Etiquette

Children who understand the fundamentals of universal ballet studio etiquette will feel at home in any ballet class they attend, worldwide!

  • Dress appropriately 
  • Do not chew gum or bring food into the studio. Only clear liquids allowed.
  • Do not wear ballet slippers out of doors. Always wear street shoes to and from the studio. 
  • Store your belongings in a cubby, including your cellphone, which should be silenced. Anything you need with you in the studio (water bottle, towel) should be stored on the floor near the back or side walls.
  • If you arrive late, come in quietly and immediately take your place at the barre.
  • Refrain from correcting other students.
  • If you need to leave early, discuss this with the teacher before class.
  • Pay attention when the teacher is correcting you or another student. We learn from our own and each other’s mistakes.
  • Keep talking to a minimum, and never talk when the teacher is talking.
  • Don’t hang or slouch on the barre.
  • Never sit down unless instructed to do so. 
  • Never give up on a combination. Just keep moving, even if you are lost or confused.
  • Don’t visibly yawn or show boredom.
  • Ask before you excuse yourself to go to the bathroom.
  • Always say thank you to the instructor at the end of class.


Classroom Viewing Etiquette (for parents and siblings)

The viewing window that separates the lobby from the studio allows parents to see their children in the classroom, however, we ask that parents not hover around the window for the entire class period. Please do not try to communicate with your son or daughter by way of the window. Please feel free to remain in the lobby during your child’s class. The space is small, but we welcome you to stay if you are comfortable. We are happy to take care of children suffering from separation anxiety, but if you’d rather not leave them, please feel free to walk them into the studio, but please don’t pressure them to participate. Allow them to watch from the side, with you, until they are ready to join. 

We will designate certain times each month for parents to come into the studio and observe their children at work. 

Thank you for your cooperation!