The classes listed below are adult drop-in classes. You may register and pay online by clicking "Register Now" below or by using the Mindbody app on your mobile phone (search for Center City Ballet). You may also register in person at the studio, prior to the class. We accept cash, checks, and credit cards. Click here for drop-in rates and punch cards.

Yoga for Health and Relaxation


This class offers a basic practice for healthy adults to maintain and improve fitness and posture, increase energy and stamina, develop confidence and trust in their bodies, increase mindfulness, learn to relax, and improve sleep. Beginners as well as experienced practitioners are welcome to join this mindful yet playful class, which includes movement, breath work, stillness, mindfulness, and relaxation.

Community Flow Yoga


This community (donation-based) class is appropriate for students who are active or athletic but would like a slower-paced class. It is ideal for those who are new to yoga, recovering from an injury, or interested in alignment. The sequences allow space for students to increase strength as well as work with the breath to develop flexibility and relaxation. This class allows for everyone in the community to participate while encouraging an individualized practice. 

This mix of bootcamp, HIIT, core fitness, functional training, and Vinyasa flow epitomizes the full body workout. The focus of the class and teacher will change from week to week, giving participants the opportunity to cross train throughout the session with guidance from experienced teachers with diverse backgrounds. 

Total Body

45 minutes

Neighborhood Ballet

1 HOUR and
15 minutes

NOT for prima ballerinas, this community (donation-based) class is open to all levels and offers a traditionally structured but gentle ballet practice in a fun and nonjudgmental atmosphere. Perfect for adults who have studied some ballet in the past, Neighborhood Ballet provides a space where students can move and progress at their own pace and focus on individual areas of interest, such as flexibility, fitness, alignment, balance, strength, and artistry. 80s-style leos and legwarmers recommended but not required! 

In this year-long progressive curriculum, new and continuing students will refine ballet basics and learn more complex steps and sequences. Self-analysis will be encouraged and will help build confidence and body awareness. Students will begin to develop correct habits of muscle memory in posture and placement and will continue to build strength and flexibility while improving technique. It is recommended, but not required, that beginner students take at least 2 classes offered at this level as well as Pilates for Young Dancers. 

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Beginner Ballet*


At this level, students are expected to be more serious in their study of ballet. The essential overall structure and vocabulary learned in previous levels remain consistent as the student progresses through more advanced steps. Classes will cultivate artistic expression and musicality while refining technique. A more robust practice of jumps and leaps as well as pre-pointe work will further strengthen muscles and bone tissue. It is recommended, but not required, that intermediate students take at least 2 classes offered at this level as well as Pilates for Young Dancers. This class is also available as a drop-in for intermediate-level adults.

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Intermediate Ballet I*

AGES 10 & Up

or permission

Students in Intermediate Ballet II will continue to polish their technique and refine artistic expression. A portion of each class will be devoted to work en pointe. It is recommended, but not required, that intermediate students take at least 2 classes offered at this level as well as Pilates for Young Dancers and Classical Variations. This class is also available as a drop-in for advanced-level adults who would like to maintain and/or expand their technical training.

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Intermediate Ballet II*

AGES 12 & UP


Modern Technique is offered as an open level class for dancers ages 10 to adult with some previous dance training who are looking to expand their movement vocabulary beyond ballet. This class explores elements of energy, space, and time, while developing range of motion, body articulation, and strong locomotor movement skills.

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Modern Technique*

Ages 10 & Up
1 hour

The Dancer's Workout®


The Dancer’s Workout® is a program of one-hour classes for former and current adult dancers.  Each class uses ballet, lyrical jazz, contemporary dance, beginner’s hip hop, and toning exercises to deliver a non-stop, high-energy, exhilarating workout.

Participants will be directed to The Dancer's Workout® Mindbody page to register.

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Build long lean muscles and core strength in this open-level, fast-paced classical Pilates mat class. Progressions are choreographed to upbeat hip-hop, resulting in a fun, high-energy workout that guarantees bootylicious results.

Hip Hop Pilates

1 hour

This class is a full-body workout utilizing the ballet barre, light weights, and other props to help tone your body while lengthening, strengthening, and learning how to access your deep abdominal muscles and pelvic floor.

Pilates Barre

1 Hour

This eight-week somatic experience involves deep, contemplative work. It is embodied practice that invites the Mover to listen to the body and to move organically and intuitively. There is no script, no music or prescribed movement, and the Mover moves with closed eyes. The role of the Witness is to simply watch the mover and to contain the movement space. The dialogue between the Mover and the Witness will be explored in this eight-week session. It is within the dialogue that healing can occur, that transpersonal moments are inspired, and that creativity can flow!  

Authentic Movement


Acro-Yoga Jam


Our Acro-Yoga Jam is open to beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. Participants will have the opportunity to learn new skills and practice old ones with others from the Acro community in a safe and supportive environment. No partner necessary. Participants under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. 

Ballroom Dance


Currently, ballroom dance instruction is available only as a group or individual private lesson. If you are interested in ballroom, swing, country line dancing, or wedding choreography for groups, couples, or individuals, please contact Ron Putman.

*Denotes children's programming available to adults either as drop-in classes or as tuition-based classes.